We are a specialized drug development company

Fleurir ABX LLC is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing anti-infective small molecule drugs to satisfy unmet medical needs. The company was formed in 2013 and is headquartered in Raleigh, NC (w/ offices in Philadelphia, NYC, and France).

The corporate business model is predicated on specialization, management and scientific expertise, enhancing existing IP and partnering. Fleurir employs a flexible approach to accessing IP through partnering with other pharmaceutical companies or through acquisition of assets, particularly those currently undervalued or inadequately supported. Fleurir can enhance the value of NCEs through focused development led by Fleurir. The company also can enhance the value of marketed drugs.

Developmental and marketed anti-infective

Fleurir endeavors to be the anti-infective ‘partner of choice’ for enhancing value of anti-infectives. The company offers flexibility in transaction structuring to accommodate risk management and strategic interests of each partner, developing asset-specific financing plans that are appropriate to the risk/return profile and strategic development plan. Combined with an entrepreneurial culture that encourages innovation, inter-disciplinary knowledge-sharing and rapid decision-making, Fleurir is positioned to bring pharmaceuticals to market fast and with a greater probability of success, offering strong return on investment for partners and investors.

We can enhance the value of marketed drugs



Developing/registering additional indications.


Developing /registering marketed drugs in new countries.


Developing/registering marketable improvements in formulation and delivery.


Identifying and exploiting the enhanced therapeutic activity and/or spectrum of activity and new IP resulting from combining currently approved actives or new NCE/approved actives