The FleurirABX R&D team has a proven record of smart innovation and successful development. They are experienced in anti-infectives, having achieved successful patents (over 25 issued or pending), inventions, drug discoveries, regulatory filings and approvals, and novel formulations (including as co-inventor of a globally approved antibacterial for ABSSSI and HABP).

This team is uniquely skilled in selectively identifying opportunities to maximize the value of anti-infective therapeutics through repurposing and repositioning as well as in prosecuting these opportunities effectively. The scientific team is led by a highly experienced microbiologist and research scientist, a holder of numerous patents in the field of anti-infectives, and a sought-after contributor to scientific journals and symposia worldwide. A medical team will be lead by an experienced Chief Medical Officer, overseeing clinical trial design, clinical trial management, and regulatory oversight.

FleurirABX’s scientific team has the development expertise, indication experience, pathogen knowledge, and registration experience necessary to realize its mission.

FleurirABX R&D is supported by world-renowned Scientific Advisors:

  • Luc Dubreuil: Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Professor of Microbiology,University of Lille (France)
  • George Drusano: Director, Institute for Therapeutic Innovation (Univ Florida)
  • Maria Virginia Villegas: Scientific Director, Centro Internacional de Entrenamiento e Investigaciones Medicas (Colombia)
  • James Poupard: President, Pharma Institute of Philadelphia, Inc.