We are seeking partnerships in the following areas:

  • New partners with intellectual property that is under-utilized:

FleurirABX endeavors to be the anti-infective ‘partner of choice’. We seek to acquire interests in developmental and marketed/approved anti-infective assets that are amenable to re-focused, value-adding development led by Fleurir ABX. We offer flexibility in transaction structuring to accommodate risk management and the strategic interests of our partner, and develop asset-specific financing plans that are appropriate to the risk/return profile and strategic development plan of each acquisition. We view collaborations as a long term propositions and are open to two-way partnerships.

  • Diagnostics which can facilitate personalized prescribing or appropriate targeting of anti-infectives or enhance clinical evaluation.

If you are interested in partnering with FleurirABX please contact us at info@fleurirpharma.com.